Importance of high-quality water

Ever since I was a kid I have loved water. Where most kids chose soft drinks at parties I always chose water. This was not because I was aware of the benefits of drinking a lot of water and just how harmful soft drinks are, but because I loved the taste of it. I vividly remember parents of other kids asking me what I wanted to drink, the answer was always the same: water, please. The parents would look shocked at me and made a joke of water being nice and cheap. Now when I look back at those moments I feel confused because I would feel like every parent should try and motivate their kids about drinking water.

I do not think that I would have to tell anyone about the importance of water. Drinking sufficient water helps the body in many different aspects:
– It improves the performance of your 🧠
– helps with body loss.
– helps to maintain the right blood pressure.
– helps the digestive system.
– helps nutrients and mineral uptake in your body.

Just to name a few benefits. If someone would ask me for advice about becoming healthier the first thing I recommend is to drink an sh@t ton of water. But not all the water brands and sources are equally good for you. Because water should always be filled with minerals and nutrients, these nutrients and minerals are good for you and when they are not present water can even take out nutrients from your body. The mineral and nutrient value is expressed in TDS. The nutrients in water are necessary and have the following health benefits:

Lower your blood pressure

Magnesium is one of the minerals important in water. Magnesium has many benefits for your health and yet is not consumed enough on average in the US. As a kid, I had lots of cramps because I played football a lot. This is a sign of magnesium deficit among other symptoms. Low magnesium levels cause higher blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. This is why it is important to consume enough magnesium.

Stronger body

Calcium strengthens the bones, as I think most of us know. Calcium is a building block in regenerating bone tissue which is important even at the age of 20 because your bones are broken down faster than they can be build up again in some cases. Water containing calcium also lubricates your loins which makes you less prone to injuries. I think that almost every athlete knows how much it sucks when you injure a loin and how hard it is to fully recover from such an injury.

Some brands even advertise the purity of their water, which is essentially a bad habit of water. This is why I would recommend always checking the nutrient and mineral value before buying water and avoid buying water in plastic bottles as the bottle is not only harmful to the environment but also to the consumer. Most tap water already contains sufficient nutrients so check it online to see if your country of area suffices (if you have access to drinkable tap water). Mineral water from certain springs is sometimes even used for medicinal purposes because of an extremely high TDS value.

I hope that you think twice about what water you are drinking and in which container it is packaged. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and

Stay hydrated 😉

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